About Faranak


Faranak Mirjalili

Jungian Analyst in Training
Researching ‘the mythology of the female body in a time of global crisis’
Facilitator of women’s work through myth, dreamwork & dance

my story

I am in the deep ocean and realise I am a little goldfish. Swimming around with my father, I suddenly ask him: 'Father, why are we called goldfish when obviously we are mostly orange coloured? Surely we can all see that we are more orange than gold?' My father replied that this is the way it is, and has always been. 'Do not question what has always been accepted and go on swimming!' The answer got me more agitated, more curious and more determined to find out the truth. I kept on asking but my father ignored me. As I kept swimming with more determination and the question spinning faster within me, I suddenly had a clear and bright AHA moment: 'In order to realise our True color, we must become colourless.
- The first important dream of my life, age 19.


Dreams have always been of great importance in my life. I have been a wild dreamer since my childhood and have had very powerful dreams in my teens and in times of transition in my life. Often times, especially in my teens and early twenties, I was left bewildered by my dreams, not knowing how to work with them or understand them. I would wake up knowing that I was given a message, but all the dream dictionaries in the world brought me only so far, back in the same clouds of confusion again. This all changed when I came across Carl Jung's work. In many ways, I realised inner work only really started when I started Analyses. Before that, I was hopping around my deep unconscious, believing to do inner work but it was mere a distraction for the alchemists call 'the great work' that lied ahead. And so the choice was clear: I had found a true teacher I wanted to learn from: Carl Gustav Jung. 

I come from an entrepreneurial background of 10 years where I build 2 companies and managed teams from an early age.  Years ago, this part of my life was completed and I decided to be trained as a Jungian Analyst at the Jungian Academy, The Netherlands. At this moment, I’m researching the effect of the electro-magnetic field of the heart - and working with the pulse of the heart -  on the individuation journey. This bodywork with the (heart)pulse comes from my training with the founder of the Tibetan Pulsing School as well as my deeper research into the world of Tao and Tibet where this ancient practice used to be part of life. 
Because of a deep love, longing and passion for the sacred feminine, I have devoted myself fully to the rediscovering and recovering of the role of the body of the feminine for the whole. My research is therefor focused on both the individual journey as well as on the collective role of the female body. You can follow my writings inspired by my research on this website. 

I work with individuals through dreams, art-therapy, pulsework and dance. You don't need to have a list of dreams to start this work, as it comes naturally in its own time and rhythm when we start our deeper work together. Also the pulsework helps this inner world to come alive through melting the numb areas in the body and bringing life-force and electricity where the pulse and life is stagnated and forgotten. Another pillar of my current work is working with Myth and Fairytales, this is both fun and powerful when combined with Dreamwork and it is where my speciality lies with my work with women. In my practice I combine all of these modalities and help balance and align the different layers and levels of the body and psyche. I also believe in a creative engagement rather than purely psychological understandings. It is from our creative engagement with life in her fuller dimensions that Psyche, [meaning both butterfly and Soul in Greek] can come alive within us; from a caterpillar into a glorious and wondrous butterfly that is the nature of the Soul.

teachers & inspiration

My current research and the work I offer weaves all of my learnings together but is primarily based on the Jungian way. Great female teachers and pioneers for me are: Marie-Louise von Franz, Barbara Hannah, Anne Baring and Marion Woodman. Besides the immense work of Carl Jung himself, which always seems to reveal more depth, I am also inspired by Stephan Hoeller, Peter Kingsley and Mythologists like Martin Shaw. Rather than a rigidly academic approach, the way I work with my clients is also largely influenced by the esoteric teachings of Sufism and my ancestral heritage in Persia. From the work of Henry Corbin to contemporary teacher and author Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, as well as the very personal discoveries of a long forgotten and hidden wisdom of the feminine of ancient Persia.