An Archetypal dimension of the Stomach

The Beauty of the Stomach 

Have you ever wondered about your stomach? Besides it being an organ that is the bowl for the nourishments you put in your body, and the occasional aches of communication it can give to you...perhaps it is much more than just a functional organ that is working for your survival. Ever wondered where the phrase 'butterflies in the stomach' comes from? Why can we get this fluttery feeling in our stomach when we fall in love or when we are anxious? 

The Stomach is an organ that I have come to call 'the tavern of ruins' - it is where love can be held in both its destructive and creative elements. It is very much connected to the fruits of love, both light and dark. It has an incredible destructive side to it (think of the acid in the stomach) but at the same time it is a vessel, a bowl to receive, to hold and to nurture. It is the organ of kindness, of beauty, and it knows how to love art, but it is also the organ of desolation. Situations in life that have felt unfair, betrayals and other desolate feelings that have not been reconciled with are stored in the stomach circuit. It is an organ that can teach us to hold opposites, to bring together polarities of being alive in this world, of 'necessary evil' (acid) for the breakdown of what was once useful, to become useful in a deeper way. It is an organ that can bridge, it serves as a bridge between worlds - a fluid stomach circuit gives us access to the unconscious, and to the deeper meaning of life beyond the physical form. In my research I have found it most connected to the archetype of Inanna - a creative-destructive power of the Goddess. This is too much to go into on an article but the stomach will be part of my future writings as this is one of my favourite organs to work with.

Stomach, by Camila Carlow

Stomach, by Camila Carlow

I have been studying and working with the organs of the body as part of my PhD research, within a framework of Jungian psychology, looking at the complexes and the archetypes through dreams that are related to the organs. The Pulsework on the nervous system of the organs is very subtle and deep work that I do with a small group and we dive into each organ for days in a row, or sometimes alternating between related organs during other trainingweeks. We work with the electro-magnetic circuitry of the organs using the 'pulse' of the heart - ancient wisdom from the Tao and Tibetans that has been long lost. It is a deeply refined way of connecting to the qualities of each organ, and for me, the archetypal dimensions of the organ. 

Each organ has its own intricate weave and web of qualities, interconnected with other organs. They are much like the planetary systems and as the planets and the stars, they are all connected within One organism; our body. Our bodies are the microcosm of the macrocosm and that is not just a saying, it is real down to the very organs, tissues and cells of the body! 

The organisms within our body are the manifest forms of the primal energies of creation, spinning into being from far beyond...each of them expressing qualities that are both functional and ethereal, such is the majesty of the Beloved who created this magnificent Body of Creation....

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