Woman and Water: Anahita - a Persian Feminine Mystery


Woman as the Carrier of Water


Throughout the weeks and months before our first Anahita gathering, the archetype and field of Anahita travelled within me and revealed to me her mysteries which were very confusing and overwhelming in the beginning. She would come through dreams and drown me in the ocean, waves would crash onto the shores of Amsterdam and the wave would have an overpowering force coming after me, and even had voices. Some moments upon waking up I was riding the edge of madness, but knowing I can contain a little bit of insanity, it did not alarm me too much. 

Slowly, but surely, one of the secrets of what it really means to be a woman, were revealed to me through the field of Anahita. The mysteries of Water and Woman's connection to water became known through dream-images and synchronistic moments that I had to be very attentive of in daily life. 

A persian painting. The horse and the golden sword are Anahita's symbols.

A persian painting. The horse and the golden sword are Anahita's symbols.

Woman is the Carrier of Water. She is the fountain in which the pure Waters of Life can be held in, contained and protected and most importantly given to those around her that are in need of it. These can be people around her as well as nature and the invisible life of this world. She is a well, a resting place for the thirsty and a place of purification and nurturance. This is deeply hidden within the mysterious field of a woman. She might not even know it, and actually many times she doesn't, but she serves life by just being herself, a woman. 

This well will deepen and deepen if she has a rooted relationship to matter, to the Earth, outside of her, but mostly - within her own body and soul. If she has dug deep, deep within the matter of her own heart - the well of water is more pure, more fresh - coming from the Source of the Primal Waters itself...this is such a deep mystery that women have forgotten, that has been erased by the collective consciousness and yet it is an ancient connection - Water and Woman - Woman and Water…to many women this will feel very natural. 

In many indigenous cultures the sacred connection of women to water is honoured and acknowledged. Women would be the protectors of water in their surroundings and would be holding regular ceremonies and rituals with water. The relationship of mankind to the element of water goes back a long time. It is important to now acknowledge that our connection to water is a living presence, deep within our psyche, as the ground of our Soul. 


At first I didn't notice this deep hidden secret, as with many mystical truths, sometimes they are so simple we just cannot recognise them until they have become real, alive and experienced within our very own being. Anahita first came and swept me away in the waters, as well as the wind as that is another one of her symbols....Soon after some deeper work with my Analyst on the more primal creatures of the earth that showed up in my dreams (the scarab and the cockroach), I was shown in a dream what women once were. I saw a beautiful clay shaped flat flower, on top of it was a tulip formed clay flower and from within it was flowing precious water out like a fountain, abundantly and softly. I knew we women once worked with this, and some people painted this beauty. Then the beautiful flower-carriers of water turned into high heeled shoes with open toes. And a cockroach was crawling in the shoes. It was as if the cockroach was connecting, perhaps trying to reconcile with the high heeled shoes (representing modern feminine consciousness). For the true nature of the feminine to return again, the high heeled shoes had to be merged with the cockroach (the ugly, the dirty, the dark and rejected feminine). The cockroach and the high heels were opposites in many ways, and yet the cockroach had to be integrated in the modern consciousness of the feminine. Without a deep rooted connection to the depths of the earth and to the hidden currents of life within her very own matter and soul, moderns woman could not again reclaim her true essence and role for life and for humanity.   

A few days later, I dreamt that I was given an underground apartment to care for that had turned into a roman-like spa with many different pools. I knew this was not my property, but that I had been given access to it and was to take care of the waters and pools inside. That they were kept clean, that there was a balance between warm and cold water and most importantly, that anyone in need was granted access to this place. When I found myself there I was surprised to see many people whom I knew, and others whom I did not know that others had brought with them. I even saw an old friend who had made a terrible betrayal of our friendship that broke the connection beyond repair but I knew that I had to grant her too access to this water as it wasn't about my preferences. 

This dreams shows the deep relationship of woman as the protector and carrier of water. The waters of life spring forth from deep in the earth as well as from the skies. Like in nature, the purity of water coming from a deep well is a source of freshness, of nourishment and of absolute purity. This....is woman, and it is time she remembers again what her sacred role and simple beingness can be. 

Anahita in clay

Anahita in clay

As the teachings of Anahita were slowly coming into my consciousness, I received another hint in daily life that gave me a confirmation that I had been understanding her messages and that the teaching was now at work. I came back from a small trip in England where I spend time with my PhD Advisor at the time and my landlord was working in his vegetable garden which is next to my cottage. We chatted a bit and as he was working in the garden he suddenly remembered he had dreamt that he was working in the garden and suddenly a well appeared in the garden where deep down there was water and his shovel had fallen inside it. He then awoke from the dream and said it had felt so real but it was a dream! 'Strange dream' he said. I was laughing inside, thanking Anahita for her teachings and her presence with us and for her humorous hint. My neighbour, an old man of traditional circles in Holland, knows very little about dreams and about the nature of the Soul. In fact, when we met for the first time and he asked me what Carl Jung did. I said that he brought back the Soul to the Western world...he then laughed and said he sold his Soul on the playground as a child for 2 quarters. But I later found out he had a secret love for mermaids as he once showed me his adorable collection of mermaids all over the world...and so his Soul was still there...whispering sweet secrets of the water, waiting for his return to the shores....

Our Anahita gathering is on June 9th, and is part of the Dancing In Her Flames archetypal pilgrimages offered in Amsterdam. Click here for more info and registration.