jungian dreamwork

On this page you will find more about what Dreamwork is and how I work with dreams. Both through group-work as well as individual sessions, my specialisation is to help dreamers understand their dreams and help them in their daily life as well as a tool of deep inner work and deepening into Psyche [greek for ‘Soul’]. You can also find more on my online course called The Way of the Dream

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What is Dreamwork?

There are many ways to work with dreams, and all of them are ways to navigate through the realms of our own subconscious, the 'unknown within us' or the unknown realms of our universe. Through Jungian work we will dive deeper into the symbology of your unique Soul language so you can understand your own dream language and the messages of your unconscious. Through tools and teachings from her Jungian Training,  Faranak helps you through the labyrinth and maze of your dreamworld and the hidden thread that leads you to a deeper centre within yourself. Faranak also brings in other methodology of working with dreams that she has learned. Some of it is based on ancient shamanic and indigenous ways of dreaming and others have a more creative element to it. The creative part is in the weaving of the dimensions, where you bring your dreams down into this reality and your own life, for example by going into guided Active Imaginations together or through therapy artwork. But it is also very potent to practice the ancient art of witnessing your dreamsymbols and dreamworld. As we work deeper within the messages that your Soul and unconscious are giving you, you will learn a natural way to make this a practice for a lifetime. 

where do dreams come from?

Our dreams are like little peeks into our sub- and unconscious landscapes.  Places within us that are forgotten, hidden, covered, suppressed, dissociated and are ready to come into consciousness, into awareness and back into wholeness. Dreams can be a very precise and direct way to retrieve and heal past hurt and forgotten parts of yourself, it is the way of ancient shamans and healers. Dreamwork is a way to start to learning how you can weave parts of yourself back into a wholeness, waiting to be lived within you. In working with dreams you allow and work with parts you would normally run away from or reject, and together with the other who knows the realm of the dreams, you are slowly guided into meeting those long forgotten parts of your psyche, waiting to come back into wholeness. 

The dream is halfway between the poem and the paramecium. Like the paramecium [a one-celled organism], it is a product of nature, not created by man’s will. But like the poem, it is a product of art, dependent on man’s imagination.
— James Hillman


What does dreamwork look like?

I work both in groups and individually with dreams. During retreats or gatherings, I offer dreamwork of approximately 30 min - 1 hour. I do this both in my own events and retreats as well as a guest in other events. Feel free to inquire about this for your own event. 

Individual Session and Costs

Individual sessions are quite different. They are much more focused on the working with the deep material of the client as presented in dreams. During one-to-ones I will take you through a simple yet powerful journey into the realms of the messages of the soul that are revealed through dreams. We will dive deeper into the symbols and images of your dreams, as they are portals into depth of your own Soul and the messages that are waiting for you. I will also give you very easy tools to start to work with your dreams and ‘listen’ to the hidden aspects of you that are waiting to be integrated and brought back into wholeness. 

Individual sessions are 70,- euro per hour and done over Skype or Zoom. It is also possible to do Dreamwork in a private live session in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Special pricing applies if you would like to embark on a journey of weekly sessions, this is a commitment to an alchemical journey that will take you deep into the chambers of the psyche and soul. Please contact me for more info.

If you are interested in individual sessions, you can also join a quarterly (free) online Dreamwork gathering where we come together to discuss a theme and we also do some dreamwork in the group, you can subscribe to the mailing-list to receive updates.

the anima mundi school

a school for Myth and Dreamwork

The Online Dream School opens its classrooms twice each year in (May and September) with our online Dreamcourse 'The Way of the Dream' . This is a good introduction to work with your dreams in a group. There will also be individual attention on each dreamer as you will receive individual sessions in this 8-week course. One-on-one dreamwork is essential in the understanding of our dreams, in the development of our inner world and our navigation in this realm of consciousness.

The deeper 9 month learning experience with group engagement with 7 myths combined with individual Dreamwork is called 'Reclaiming the Mythical Feminine'  is available to those that have completed the Way of the Dream Course and is only open to women only. 

You can also subscribe to my letters to receive updates on this as well as online gatherings on Dreamwork.  

Carl Jungs artwork in the Red Book.

Carl Jungs artwork in the Red Book.