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Anahita (free online gathering)

What are the Mysteries of Water? 
What is the relationship of the Feminine with the Lake, 
the Oceans, the Waters of Life? 

On June 9th I am facilitating and sharing the Mysteries of Anahita with a group of women in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as part of the Dancing In Her Flames archetypal journeys. This Online event is for those abroad who would like to join but can't. 
We will do this on Zoom. Starting with a short dream circle sharing and then I will take you through the myth of Anahita and my personal and intimate journey with her in my own dreamworld and the work within my Jungian Training.  


The Persian Mysteries have been forgotten, covered over by the modern patriarchal structures of Iran with much consequences. Anahita was worshipped in ancient Persia for a very long time. She is said to 'bless womens wombs' and 'purify mens semen' - she was known as the sensual Goddess, the fertility goddess for both body and land. She was the Lady of the Lake and could teach women and men the mysteries of Water and the body. 

"Woman is the Carrier of Water. She is the fountain in which the pure Waters of Life can be held in, contained and protected and most importantly given to those around her that are in need of it. These can be people around her as well as nature and the invisible life of this world. She is a well, a resting place for the thirsty and a place of purification and nurturance. This is deeply hidden within the mysterious field of a woman. She might not even know it, and actually many times she doesn't, but she serves life by just being herself, a woman. 
This well will deepen and deepen if she has a rooted relationship to matter, to the Earth, outside of her, but mostly - within her own body and soul. If she has dug deep, deep within the matter of her own heart - the well of water is more pure, more fresh - coming from the Source of the Primal Waters itself...this is such a deep mystery that women have forgotten, that has been erased by the collective consciousness and yet it is an ancient connection - Water and Woman - Woman and Water…to many women this will feel very natural. "

Feel free to invite friends. This event is free. Men are welcome too.

This will be a ZOOM call, 8PM Amsterdam time. Please register for the link.