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Water Creatures: (free) online Dreamwork + talk

Join us for a (free) online gathering with Dreamwork and talk on the magnificent Water Creatures that can appear in dreams. What is the deeper meaning of the whale, the water serpent or the simple fish that appear in our dreams? What is the connection of the sea creature to our cultural and historical background?

But above all, how can we understand the message of the unconscious that comes to us in the images of the living within the waters?

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What is the wisdom of Water and what does it mean in a time where most of our oceanic waters are incredibly polluted?

Carl Jung has said that the water is the most common symbol of the unconscious, and that it is known to be one of the primal aspects of the feminine. What is the purpose of 'battling the sea monster' and how does this relate to the opposite of being able to relate to the sea beings as we often see in women's dreams?

Join us for a discussion and sharing of dreams on this rich subject! All dreams are welcome to be shared, though an emphasise on your water dreams are appreciated. From wonderful whale dreams to tiny frogs in a pond, all water creatures are welcomed!

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- About your host -

Faranak is a student of the works of Carl Gustav Jung and in Training in The Netherlands. She is also a PhD candidate in the field of Feminine Consciousness and Embodiment at the Wisdom School of Ubiquity University. Her research focuses on the connection of the organs and fluids of the body to the personal and collective unconscious, with an emphasis on the importance of the heart and its archetypal dimension. Her interest and life work is on how the body and wisdom of a new emerging Feminine can be of service in a time of global crisis.

This Dreamwork gathering is part of the monthly (free) online Jungian gatherings in Faranak's virtual practice. 

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