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The Serpent & the Dragon: (free) Online Dreamwork gathering

Join this (free) online Dreamwork gathering on ancient symbols from the Depth: the Serpent and the Dragon.

What does it mean when we have the Serpent and Snake in our dreams? What do different colour snakes represent and what is the ancient mythological meaning of the Dragon for our deep psyches and Souls? When is the Snake poisonous and the dragon dangerous in our dreams and when is it bringing wisdom and healing? How can we sniff out the difference and work with it...?

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The Serpent is one of the most ancient symbols of humankind. Many different cultures have archaeological history with this returning symbol. We will dive into a few traditions from the East and the West. We will especially focus on the Serpent and its importance in the Western heritage. Why was the Serpent condemned in the story of Adam & Eve? Was Eve really so evil for being tempted by the snake in the tree or is there a deeper Wisdom in the poison of the Serpent that we have been missing?

Join us for a discussion and sharing of dreams on this incredibly rich subject! As usual, all dreams are welcome to be shared, and if you have snake/dragon dreams to share, please join this gathering!

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- About your host -

Faranak is a student of the works of Carl Gustav Jung and in Training in The Netherlands and Researching the connection of psyche and soma. Her research focuses on the connection of the organs and fluids of the body to the personal and collective unconscious, with an emphasis on the importance of the heart and its archetypal dimension. Her interest and life work is on how the body and wisdom of a new emerging Feminine can be of service in a time of global crisis.

This Dreamwork gathering is part of the monthly (free) online Jungian gatherings in Faranak's virtual practice. 

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