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The Way of the Dream online course

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An 8-week online course with online Zoom gatherings, individual dreamwork, group-sessions and videos to help the dreamer understand and work with the material of his or her own dreamworld. I will offer both a basic theoretical understanding of dreamwork as well as individual attention and sessions with each dreamers own material. 

Enter email to register or to stay updated. Limited space due to the in-depth individual work done with each dreamer. 

The total 8-week investment is 290,- euros* which includes:

  • 6 live Zoom classes on the theme of the week with group-dreamwork

  • 3 individual Dreamwork sessions of 1 hour

  • access to all extra material (videos and other class material)

  • access to the optional Facebook group for group discussions.


- Program - 

1. Dreamwork 101 - Introduction

In this module, we will dive into what dreams are, where they come from and various ways to work with dreams. As a Jungian researcher I focus on a Jungian approach to dreams weaved with the wisdom of a mystical perspective for the Soul's relationship to the Divine. The latter comes from my commitment to the Sufi path, and learning to distinguish psychological dreams from dreams with a strong mystical hint. In this module, we will learn to differentiate between various dreams and how to work with them. 

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2.  The Shadow - the Wisdom of the Dark: working with nightmares

In the second week, I will take you to the heart of dreamwork: our unconscious shadow aspects showing up in dream images or dark figures. We will learn about the Shadow, nightmares and dark dreams and how to work with them. 

3. Projection 101

In this module, we will dive into the complex but important material of 'projection' - a term coined by Carl Jung and very important for our inner work as well as our outer relationships. What is projection and how do you recognise it in your dreams? 

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4. The Feminine in dreams: Anima, the Mother and the feminine archetypes

In week 4 and 5 we dive into one of the deepest and richest materials in dreamland: the feminine and its many faces. How does the Feminine appear in women's and men's dreams. What is the Anima figure for men, how does the feminine archetypes appear for women. An important element of this world is our focus on the Anima Mundi; The Soul of the World. Who is She and how can we recognise her messages in our dreams? 

5. The Masculine in dreams: Animus, the Father and the male archetypes

In week 5 and 6 we will dive into the counterpart, the masculine side of creation in dreams. Who is the Animus and why is it Important for women to connect to this figure? How does the Father complex appear in mens dreams and what male inner-world figures are important to understand and work with in our dreams?

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6. Creativity and the world of the Self. 

In the last week we will dive into 'creativity' in dreams and re-birth symbols in the dreamworld. What does it mean to be pregnant in a dream, or to have a baby? How do we nourish something new born in our psyche and how does the inner world help us in our work or creativity? How to distinguish a creative new project and the symbolism of the (higher) Self in dreams? 

- About your dreamguide - 

Faranak is a Jungian Researcher in the field of Feminine Consciousness and Embodiment - with a focus on the role and work of women in a time of global crisis. She has experience in working with the Archetypal realms with women through Mythology, Dreamwork and Dance Improvisation. Faranak's specialisation is reaearching and working with the archetypes and with the deep psyche and body of women, to help free the 'deep feminine' within them. 

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Pre-register here to stay updated. Limited spaces available due to the individual and in-depth focus on each participant. 

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