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Reclaiming the Mythical Feminine


Once upon a time there were wise women of the forest, wise old bearded men with piercing eyes that would tell you a story, enchant you with their wrinkled wisdom and secretly, whilst telling you a story passed down generation after generation, whisper in the spaces between their words the wisdom you needed in your life ahead. In the secret cracks of your heart, you would be infused with the spirit, and it would be the spirit of that story, of that ancient ancient tale, that would sail your boat through the wild hurricanes of life. 

There is a world still alive, still pulsating and yearning to be known within and all around you. This world of images, the Mundus Imaginalis, is where magic is alive, where the demons and angels of ourselves and the world are waiting to be reclaimed, waiting to be known and creatively related to. This world is mostly accessible through our dreams, as the dream is the most direct portal into this world of images. Myths and fairytales are also direct ‘milk’ coming from the breasts of the grandmothers of the inner worlds and it is in the spaces between the dream and the myth that we immerse ourselves in for the next 9 months. 

To be ’cooked by a myth’ is a journey for the hero and heroine within us. A part of every human being longs to consciously come to know what ancient stories live within the depths of our soil and soul. And it is this part of you that goes on this mythical adventure, making these ancient tales your own though working with your very intimate images given to you in dreams at night.

Consider this journey both an immersion into the deep murky waters that long ago were left behind as well as the warm, soothing milk bath coming from the softest breast of the Goddess. This journey will be guided with private Dreamwork sessions every month and live classes where Faranak takes you through a Mythical encounter. All of the Myths and Archetypes we work with will be focused on the individuation journey of the Feminine and this is course accessible to women only. 

We will dive into the Mother and Daughter with Persephone and Demeter, we will encounter the deep dark sister Ereshkigal with Inanna, we will dive into our earthy soils with the Black Madonna and into the pure waters of our hearts with Anahita. We will work in total with 7 Myths and Archetypes over 9 months. We will also dive into fairytales that are connected to these ancient myths. Each class is rich and interactive as we work together as a group; we open ourselves to the Mysteries and see where we are lead. Between chaos and cosmos, we move with the cauldron of the alchemical group-journey as well as individually.
There might be slight changes to the Myths and Archetypes we work with as we practice deep listening to the images of the dreams that pulsate into being from the deep unconscious. As every group is different, this journey will be adapted to the rhythm and the pulse of the group. 

One thing will be a promise: you will not return the same. We are not just telling stories, we are allowing the stories to come alive within our deep psyche and we allow its medicine to work within us as we establish a long forgotten sacred relationship to this ancient world of archetypes; gods and goddesses.

This journey is a depth-immersion that is created by the deep listening of Faranak to the inner worlds over the past years during her Jungian Training and it is created to ignite you and your relationship to the Anima Mundi, the World Soul into a new dimension. 

The one-on-one guidance in this course is an essential part of the alchemical work and it is designed to both help you navigate through the world of your own images as well as help you find your place of reclaiming and service with the Mythical Feminine.

You will receive:

  • 2 private sessions every month

  • 1 Live Class with the group every month. With additional Bonus classes for the bigger Myths.

  • Online Class Material every month about the Myth and Archetypes

  • Homeplay assignments to help you become creative with your dream-images and the myths

  • Access to the private Facebook group


  • “When I embarked into this journey guided by Faranak I had no idea where it would take me. It didn't take long and the layers and the profound relationship she helped me develop with my soul brought a lot of magic into my life. The process has also helped me decode messages I was receiving from repetitive dreams, overcome certain patterns and take the relationship with the mythical feminine and with my roots to new levels. I’m always very excited before a new session with Faranak or our group.“ - Roxana B.

  • ”Her personal wisdom and professional studies give her a natural quality of guidance to explore and move with the psyche or engage on the path of dreamwork, drawing and working with feminine consciousness. She is wonderful storyteller that awakens my imagination. Ancient times come alive, and I feel I am there as the myth awakens within me. I recommend Faranak's work if you look for something that brings you closer to yourself and your inner world in a way that is open to go there without formula or tricks, the intimate journey of the Self. Courses are well organised and offer beautiful course material to support the work.” - Sitie D.

This will be a small and intimate group, so limited spaces available.

175,- euro / month.

[Registration closed! Next cycle starts Autumn 2019. Pre-register here.]

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