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On this page, you can have a tiny peek into my personal library. As a researcher on Feminine Consciousness and Embodiment, most of the books you will find will be on this subject. Other subjects that I will be updating are Dreamwork, Jungian Psychology, Alchemy and mysticism. I have a deep appreciation for multi-layered books that bridge Soul and science, the visible with the invisible, and have respect to the few authors who dare to venture in this area. But amongst my favourites are deep poetic books written from the Soul so you will find both here. 

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The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul by LLewellyn Vaughan-Lee 

With the rise of the feminine, many books have been written on this subject. As a researcher I have not come across an author with a more pure, simple and deep understanding of the rise of the Feminine. Llewellyn takes us deeper beyond ourselves and our personal quest, into the realm where our Soul is connected to the World Soul and how the rise of the feminine is not complete without a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of our awakening consciousness. As a Sufi teacher and mystic, Llewellyn's understandings of the rise [and traps] of this emerging consciousness are of deep value in a time of increasing complexity. 
I recommend this book to every woman - and man - who is interested in this subject. 


the collected works of carl gustav jung

One can either say a lot or nothing at all about this most significant work, and I have not figured it out yet! For those that are somewhat familiar with Carl Jung; reading his Collected Works lifts one into the deep psyche and mind of one of the great people of modern time. What Carl Jung opened up and gave back to the West was nothing less than the Soul and our innate connection to the light within matter. He freed the Western image of God from the patriarchal imprisonment of a power-driven Christianity and gave back to man true Gnosis in a way (s)he could work with  deep within the psyche. He translated the incredibly difficult language and symbolism of ancient Alchemy into psychology and gave man and woman back a birthright; to birth their Divine Self in matter. The significance of his work will only be known in the future, hopefully when it is not too late....

[This is an image of the Dutch version but there is ofcourse also the English one]


the dream of the cosmos
by anne baring

Every century, a few important authors and scholar dare to venture into the realm of creating 'Great Books'. Great Books are books that bring together a deep soulful and scientific understanding of human evolution, and announce with the in-depth research and understanding the dawn of a new era. Anne Baring has done such work. This book is the most comprehensive and multi-layered works on the consciousness of humanity in the light of the return of Feminine consciousness and the Soul. It will not be a book you will read over the weekend - rather, it will be a work of craftsmanship with scholarly substance to treasure and to study over time. 


The unknown she, by hilary hart

This is a poetic yet deeply personal homage to the mystery of the emerging feminine consciousness. Hilary takes us both through her own quest as well as the collective search for the deep feminine that lies in the heart of many men and women of our time. She has interviewed 8 different 'faces' (7 women and 1 man) that embody a certain aspect of the 'dark and mysterious feminine'. This book reads like a fragrant poem and belongs to those that are seeking the Feminine with an open heart; with an unknowing rather than a knowing. With a curiosity and openness rather than a pre-determined idea of what and who the Feminine is. 

'In the silence of the night comes the Unknown She,
 whispering sweetly; come dance with me..'

- Maata Lynn Barron

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inanna - queen of heaven and earth by diane wolkstein & samuel kramer

Inanna is a feminine archetype from ancient Sumeria and one of the first Goddesses that humanity has found scriptures about. The archetype of Innana goes back to the bedrock of feminine consciousness, where the first differentiation in consciousness emerged in the feminine, after the time of the Great Mother. This book has the original Hymns as well as deep and insightful interpretations for modern women. There is a certain magic in reading the Hymns of Inanna, it can open up ancient memory and bring us to those wonderful and terrible places deep within matter....


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