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On this page you’ll find the words of women I’ve worked with over a longer period of time…

Roxana B.

Bucharest, Romania

“When I embarked into this journey guided by Faranak I had no idea where it would take me. It didn't take long and the layers and the profound relationship she helped me develop with my soul brought a lot of magic into my life. The process has also helped me decode messages I was receiving from repetitive dreams, overcome certain patterns and take the relationship with the mythical feminine and with my roots to new levels. I’m always very excited before a new session with Faranak or our group.“


Lorna M.

Scotland, United Kingdom

“I have been working with Faranak for coming up to a year now individually (Jungian dreamwork) and within a group (The Way of the Dream course) and I find her to be someone who inhabits a powerful inner feminine who guides me excellently into my own feminine power. I feel she totally walks her talk and I personally couldn’t work with someone who doesn’t do that. I continue in her Reclaiming The Mythical Feminine course as we delve deeper within the unconscious and I’m blown away by the inner and outer lives speaking to each other through symbols and signs and love how Faranak helps me to join the dots of my story with her expertise in these fields. She’s deeply congruent and holds a loving and assertive space always.”

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Anca S.

California, United States

“I have been working with Faranak for over a year now both in her courses and privately with Jungian dreamwork. I have found both to be enormously useful in my life. My dreams have guided many of my waking decisions and outcomes of situations and it has been under Faranak's insightful guidance that these messages from the dreamworld are deciphered. She is very adept at honing in on the messages and symbols from your inner landscape. I highly recommend working with her. It will save you years of barking up the wrong trees.”


Site D.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dream and Myth School: 
”Her personal wisdom and professional studies give her a natural quality of guidance to explore and move with the psyche or engage on the path of dreamwork, drawing and working with feminine consciousness. She is wonderful storyteller that awakens my imagination. Ancient times come alive, and I feel I am there as the myth awakens within me.

I appreciate Faranak because she walks her own path and does not waver for fashionable or popular spirituality. Her presence is real, grounded, light hearted, yet spirited with the fire of the heart. No fuss, no fluff, no false promises, but standing in the mystery of her own journey, from which she shares from a personal and professional level. I recommend Faranak's work if you look for something that brings you closer to yourself and your inner world in a way that is open to go there without formula or tricks, the intimate journey of the Self. To be able to work with someone that is trained in Jungian Psychology and feminine embodiment in my own town/country is a real treat and enrichment for my personal development. Courses are well organised and offer beautiful course material to support the work.”

Individual sessions:

“I feel I can be really honest with Faranak, and bring in difficult aspects of myself that can be charged with shame or confusion. Although subjects can be heavy or confronting for me in a session, I feel her presence as steady, non judgemental, open and curious, offering me wider or deeper perspectives in the framework of Jungian psychology, working with dreams, myth and the unconscious. Her knowledge and vision are very well developed and there is a beautiful balance with her personal path, that make sessions with Faranak so rich and eye opening.”