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Tales of Longing // Weekend Retreat

  • Boda Ardennes Belgium (map)


"Longing is the feminine side of Love. The empty cup waiting to be filled."
- Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. 

How can we reclaim our relationship to emptiness, to the longing Soul yearning to be met, to be filled with the intoxicating sweetness of love that does not 'fulfill' you but keeps you yearning and longing for more as you come to know the true longing of the Soul? 

In a time where 'fulfilment' is a goal rather than 'emptiness', it has become more and more difficult to keep an empty space in our hearts to feel the pull and pulse of longing, the vacuum of the emptiness that draws love into itself in an ever unfolding flowering of life. 

What if emptiness is a dynamic state of being, rather than a state of 'inner peace' we know from many male-oriented spiritual practices like in buddhism? What does Emptiness in her Feminine form look like and how does this longing long to be lived within us? We will explore and work with Tales of Longing from the Greek and Middle-Eastern myth and folktales and drench you in poetry and music filled with longing. From Sufi love-stories of Layla & Majnoon to the yearning desire of Psyche for Eros.  Our next workshop and retreat will be all about Longing.

Layla & Majnoon - a Middle-Eastern Sufi tale of love and longing

Layla & Majnoon - a Middle-Eastern Sufi tale of love and longing


29th March - 31st March 2019

Weekend Workshop with a full immersion in Myth/Storytelling, Poetry, Nature, Dance, Dreamwork and Pulsework in the Ardennes, Belgium

Dreamwork (including Dreamplay with art and dance)
Storytelling by the fire / Working with a middle-eastern Tale of Longing (if weather is rainy, we will have it inside by the candlelight)
- We will have dance each morning, weaving our dream images with the body and we will have an Ecstatic Dance journey with DJ Caroline upon arrival Friday evening -

We’re gathering in an exclusive and truly inspiring location with beautiful eco-buildings, wonderful sleeping options, a very cosy community space, a huge garden, forests and megaliths.

Prices all full board, accommodation and vegetarian meals. 

Early Bird: 375,- euro (price based on shared room. If you would like a single room, there are a few available for an extra 80,- euro)

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