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SOLD OUT // Dream of the Cosmos: an Introduction to the History of the Feminine


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LECTURE | Dream of the Cosmos: Introduction to the History of the Feminine
Feminine Consciousness and the Rise of a New Story.

Who and what is the Goddess? How did the world look like before patriarchy and the rise of science and technology? What price do we pay for the modern life we live, the comfort and technological advances we enjoy every day?

In this introductory talk, we will explore the history of Feminine Consciousness. Jungian researcher Faranak Mirjalili will take us back through reflecting on Anne Baring’s book The Dream of the Cosmos. A Quest for the Soul to a pre-patriarchal time; a time where feminine values were honoured, and her work considered important and essential. A time when the Earth was considered a sacred being that we could relate to, which gave us not only physical recourses but also spiritual nourishment and a deeper meaning to life. What happened to this consciousness and to the Soul of the World, what the ancient alchemists called the ‘Anima Mundi’? Can we redeem this ancient wisdom and what role does mythology, dreamwork and alchemy have in this?

Anne Baring is a pioneer in the historical research of the feminine aspect of the gods… She addresses the real cultural roots of the multifaceted crisis we currently experience globally - spiritually, psychologically, ecologically, socially, politically and economically. Baring derived inspiration from the ideas that are present in the Embassy of the Free Mind, which is also why she personally embraces the initiative. As a young researcher, Faranak Mirjalili will bring these ideas closer to us.

Faranak Mirjalili is a myth- and storyteller and a Jungian Dreamwork teacher. She is a student of the works of C. G. Jung and in Training as a Jungian Analyst in The Netherlands. As a research student in the field of Feminine Consciousness and Embodiment, she focuses on the connection of the organs and spiritual centres of the body to the personal and collective unconscious, with an emphasis on the importance of the heart in the transformation of consciousness. Her interest and work are on how the body and wisdom of a new emerging Feminine can be of service in a time of global ecological crisis.
Faranak works in both groups and individually. Her work and research aim to break out of the individual therapy room and make space for group-work by connecting to the collective ‘Mundus Imaginalis’ through the world of Myth and Fairytales. She offers workshops in Europe and teaches myth and dreamwork internationally to students through her Online Program.

TIME: 19.00-20.30h (doors open 18.30h - home made soup awaiting you!)
TICKETS: € 12,50 | Students € 10